Talking through Emails

Since I was feeling a little lost in deciding what to share in my next blog, I went ahead and did the easiest thing. I asked my client, and he said he would like to read about email writing and the tension it causes at the office. As you are reading this piece you may … Continue reading Talking through Emails


What we wear to work!

When I am facilitating my presence or etiquette workshop one of the topics that I present is professional dressing/wardrobe.  This is one of the brightest segments as I sense the energy of the audience come alive in this module. Clothing interests everyone, even those who find discussing it as frivolous or overrated. Just like we … Continue reading What we wear to work!

Communication – Action Behind the Scenes

Out of many, one area that professionals approach me to work with them is on their communication skills. Participants during a chat after a session sometimes ask me tips on improving communication. When I ask my clients to give a feedback to themselves most of them have communication skills as an area for improvement. Interestingly, … Continue reading Communication – Action Behind the Scenes