Coaching in Action

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Just wanted to share with you a new initiative called ” Coaching in Action” that I have started to help people discover the Power of Coaching. By subscribing to the Readers group you will receive weekly coaching exercises in your inbox. All you need to do is follow that one exercise through that week and notice how your perception of the different areas your life expands. With the new found awareness and perspectives you may experience a change in your thinking and actions or find yourself having more clarity in what you truly want. The intent of these exercises is to help you evolve and be at your best, professionally and personally.

If this is something that interests you, do subscribe, and you will receive weekly emails. Subscribe here

You can share your thoughts or any questions that you may have while doing the exercises by writing to me on or 8880423157.

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Thank you

Warmest wishes
NLP, Life & Executive Coach

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