Thinking with a Coach

Last week I was speaking to a dear friend and we were catching up after a long time. He narrated an experience that encouraged an initiative that I have shared below. Since he knows that I am an NLP Coach he mentioned that he works with an Executive coach. He admitted that initially when his organisation had offered him coaching sessions he was quite apprehensive. He said,” Since I was doing very well in my workspace I wondered what could a coach do for me so I read about it on the Internet. On the morning of the first session, I was still unconvinced and was resisting the idea, but as I walked towards the meeting room I said to myself, let me stay curious and discover how it can benefit me. And, the experience was worth every second of my time as I took back powerful insights and awareness about my life. In a way, it was like being given fuel to have a better run.”

As Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr says “A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a Life’s experience.

Just like my friend, I have been fortunate to meet people who have shown keen interest in understanding Life Coaching, Executive Coaching. During conversations, I have heard statements like “It is not something for me who has been in the Industry for 20 years, it is for youngsters” or “I think I must be someone who will gain from personal coaching” or “This is something I have been looking for”.

I have also had instances where my audience heard me for a while and gently changed the topic. One relative tried explaining it to his wife that I  just listen to people.  I got an honest opinion from a friend who said she just does not have the time and is better off managing things on her own. One enquirer has told me explicitly that he is tired of getting suggestions and advice, and just wants results now.  Another friend asked me if he could send a few people whom I could change as that would make his life simpler.

With all these experiences I began to wonder if there was some way I could introduce people to the power of coaching. To probably give them a first look at coaching. While most people are open to knowing more, there is also an apprehension. I feel this hesitation comes probably because they have not experienced coaching.  Today most of the top leaders, successful people have a Coach. I also work with a Coach.

Hence for those of you, who wish to understand how specifically coaching sessions can benefit, I have this initiative for them.

Join me for a free Discovery Coaching Session and get an opportunity to experience ” Thinking with a Coach”. Just drop a message on or  +91 8880423157

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